Celebrating 100 Years Of Christian Education

Unity Christian School Foundation

Monetary gifts over $50,000 as well as non-cash gifts, such as stocks, bonds, property, etc., should be sent to Unity Christian School through the Unity Christian School Foundation. The Unity Christian School Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization which operates exclusively to promote the long-term viability of Unity Christian School by growing the assets of the Foundation and by receiving, managing, and administering funds and property for the exclusive use and benefit of Unity Christian School. The Foundation uses the services of the Barnabas Foundation for the primary financial entity.    

Unity Christian School Foundation will review and process the authorization of all cash gifts (over $50,000) and non-cash planned gift arrangements (stocks, bonds, property, etc.) in the best interests of the Foundation and, therefore, Unity Christian Schools.

To make a donation of this nature through Unity Christian School Foundation, contact Foundation President, Mike Middendorp at 712-540-6137 or Unity Christian’s Head of School, Jessica Hollowell at jhollewell@unitychristian.com for further information.